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Our services

Make your Dream Event a Reality

How is it all going? We will arrange an initial consultation, either by phone, email or simply through our Facebook pages. The meeting is non-binding and free of charge. At the meeting, you will tell us about your celebration, event, party, wedding...

We will create a festive decoration that will delight you and your guests... and not only that. We will arrange everything you can think of!

Slavobrány, etc.

Our specialty is illuminated glory gates, hearts, corners, letters, numbers + decorating.

Balloon decorations

balloon and space decorations, mobile podium, gates and installations.

Car decoration

We will decorate your cars thematically. Undying classics are wedding car decorations.

Festive decoration

We will festively decorate any celebration: birthdays, .....children's parties, baby showers, promotions, graduations, jubilees, .....balls, weddings, baby showers, bachelorette parties, etc.

New Year Party

Floral decoration

Floral decoration of the interior, exterior, stage, tables.

Original decoration

Original decorations and custom-made accessories, according to your wishes and ideas or according to the design.

Professional makeup

We provide make-up services: Our make-up artist will make you beautifully.

Children's parties

For a children's party, we rent bouncy castles, ball mazes, and other attractions.

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